LINHA DE FUGA is a laboratory and international performing arts festival which will take place from November 10th to December 1st 2018, in Coimbra, Portugal. Beyond the dimension of the Festival open to the public, with the presentation of shows in various places of the city, LINHA DE FUGA develops a laboratory that intends to promote the encounter between national and foreign artists for the exchange of artistic practices.

Ana Borralho & João Galante (PT), Federica Folco (UY), Luciana Fina (IT/PT), Miguel Pereira (PT), Sergi Fäustino (ES) and Thomas Hauert (CH/BE) are the artists of this first edition that, parallel to the festival’s program, will direct the seminars of the Laboratory.
The Laboratory will bring together 20 arts professionals (theater, dance, video, music, writing, …) who are interested in confronting their projects and their practices with those of the invited artists and their peers. Participants were selected by an international open call.

Each participant is challenged to share a work in progress (which may be at different stages of development) that will be their object of study in practical seminars.
The objective is to promote the confrontation of artistic practices, in a process of collective and participative work, that will be developed in a field of experimentation, learning and knowledge sharing. Designed as a Temporary Autonomous Zone, according to Hackim Bey’s ideas, LINHA DE FUGA will have moments of collective work (where participants can present, discuss and develop their artistic projects in relation to other creators and other practices) and individual work periods, where they can choose different methodologies (collaboration with other participants, individual accompaniment with invited artists or development of their own research).

Designed specifically for Coimbra, the laboratory is an instance of knowledge production and transmission through creative practices. The festival that spreads throughout the city with a weekly rhythm of presentations and in partnership with several local organisations, aims to establish a relationship between participants of the laboratory, guest artists and public of the city. Creating a circuit highlighting the importance of art as a critical social factor on a local and global level, presenting the city with the work of the artists-mediators and the work processes of the artists participating in the laboratory.

LINHA DE FUGA is a project curated by Catarina Saraiva and promoted by Real Pelágio Productions, which is financed by the Ministry of Culture, Directorate-General for Arts of Portugal.
The Municipality of Coimbra / Convento São Francisco, Gil Vicente Academic Theatre, A Escola da Noite – Theatre Company, Coimbra Plastic Arts Circle, University of Coimbra’s Social Studies Center and Citemor (co-producer of the Laboratory) are partner entities of LINHA DE FUGA.


Programa Linha de Fuga